General Insurance

General Insurance can cover against damages of Movable or Immovable Property or Valuables due to Fire, Burglary, Theft or Natural Calamities etc.

Personal Insurance can cover Health, Travel and Accidents.

And Liability Insurance can cover Legal Liabilities.

This category of insurance virtually covers all forms of Insurance except Life. Other covers may include Insurance against Errors and Omissions for Professionals, Credit Insurance etc. Common forms of General Insurance are Motor, Fire, Home, Shopkeepers, Marine, Health, Overseas Travels, Personal Accident and other miscellaneous forms of non-life Insurance. Unlike Life Insurance policies, the tenure of general insurance policies is normally not that of a lifetime. The usual term lasts for the duration of a particular economic activity or for a given period of time. Most general insurance products are annual contracts. There are however a few products which may have a longer term also.

Common types of commercial insurance:

Property Insurance
Marine Insurance
Liability Insurance
Financial Lines Insurance
Engineering Insurance
Energy Insurance
Employee Benefits Insurance
International Insurance Solutions

Other Types of General Insurance:

Property Insurance
Personal Accident
Corporate Insurance
Commercial Insurance
Fire Insurance
Crop Insurance